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About Us

A Few Words About Us...

A drink called Down to Earth, essentially a 10oz latte with house made saffron and honey syrup or Made For Each Other with cardamom and vanilla. For more of an adventurous spirit there is Delicate Dance, a fine balance of aggressive flavors of fennel as it soothes your palate while black pepper tingles your throat. All with coffee that is sourced and roasted by us. We are Lake and Bryant Cafe. Your neighborhood joint with food and beverage creations as diverse and approachable as the neighborhood itself. The drinks mentioned above only scratch the surface of the depth in our food and beverage menu created by Chefrista Sanjeev Azad. Chefrista, huh?! We do not know how else to describe someone with 15 years of culinary experience over three continents and the last 17 years working with coffee including visiting coffee farms in various Central and South American countries, sourcing green coffee beans, blending, and roasting.

a man with a clipboard sitting on bags of coffee
a man smiling with a plant
a man holing a clipboard about to pickup a coffee mug

If you find the beverage creations mentioned above interesting, then it is time to talk about our food offerings. We have a simple yet interesting food menu. Our focus is mainly on breakfast and lunch. There is a diverse list starting with Papaya Smoothie Bowl, to Huevos Rancheros, Garam Masala Tofu Scramble, Cheesy Shakshuka, Extremely Spicy Breakfast Noodles, Chicken Tikka Sandwich, and many other interesting yet simple offerings. Breakfast and lunch do not have to mean pancakes and waffles. We like to think of ourselves as a 21st century American diner.

Uptown has always been progressive in its culture and acceptance. We like to think that we are here to keep that spirit alive. We have created a space which is comfortable, affordable, and approachable. We want the neighborhood to come together at our comfortable space. In these new times we have been experiencing, we can all use a little togetherness.Come over and share the love.